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Cleanup Efforts Underway on Atkinson Street

As we’re sure everybody is well aware, Atkinson Street has been a near-constant mess for years, and only gotten worse over time. In this past year, the condition of the street deteriorated faster than ever, until it finally reached a breaking point. Since July 15, the City has begun making a more concentrated effort to maintain the cleanliness of Atkinson Street. They performed a major cleanup of the street (Before, During, and After pics below) which was sorely needed and made a transformative impact to its condition. However, the improvement was short-lived. Atkinson Street quickly returned to the same state it was in before.

Since then, the City has been conducting cleanup sweeps on the street three times each week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Although the street always returns to how it was before, we’re very grateful that the effort is being made and that attention is being paid to improving the quality of life in Newmarket.



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