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Newmarket Today

Historically, Boston’s most vibrant industrial area, Newmarket is home to a more diverse group of businesses than any other area of the City.

Goods produced in Newmarket are sold not only in Boston, but also throughout the world. Revenues from those goods provide an infusion of capital to the city and its service and financial sectors.

Its proximity to downtown Boston, Route 93, the Mass. Turnpike and Logan Airport is a key to Newmarket’s success.

The location is attractive not only to the numerous food processing, manufacturing and supply companies that have long prospered in Newmarket, but also to the many biotech, healthcare, retail, hotel, social service and financial companies that have made Newmarket home in more recent years.

In today’s global economy, varied business activities provide a hedge against declines in individual market sectors.  Newmarket’s diverse business community is vital to a well-balance economy and the economic health of Boston.  As an important industrial and economic development area, Newmarket provides significant employment opportunities.  Most employees working in Newmarket’s wholesale business sector are residents of Boston and contribute substantially to the local economy. Overall, more than 25,000 people are employed by Newmarket businesses.

Thus, a product that is “made in Newmarket”, is made by someone who is “making it in Newmarket”.