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Community Partnerships

Newmarket Business Association works with employers, residents and government, bringing all parties together to increase the economic vitality of the district. Our mission is to enhance the region’s prosperity and provide a better quality of life to those living and working in the Newmarket area. Here are some ways we’ve helped:


Samuel W. Mason PK, K-5 Pilot School:  Since 1997, we have funded computers in every classroom and in the hands of the students, held book drives to benefit the school library and backpack drives to benefit each student in need, and spent hours each week visiting the school, working with the students and being active on the school advisory board.  Our members work with the Administration to provide needed resources, advocate for improved area safety and promote best practices.   This commitment over the years has played an important role in the rebirth of the school from one of the most under-enrolled schools in the City to one of Boston’s flagship schools.


Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School: The Newmarket Business Association has worked with Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School since it was deemed a turnaround school in 2010. As an active member of the Advisory Board of the School the NBA has provided guidance, financial assistance, advocacy and local support. We are proud of the important role that the Association and its members have played in turning Orchard Gardens from a failing school into a highly touted, role-model of success in the Boston Public School system.


The BASE: The Newmarket Business Association is excited to partner with the BASE, which seeks to flip the narrative on urban youth by empowering student-athletes with academic and career resources. The BASE combines sports & educational opportunities in an environment that cultivates excellence, belief & love. The NBA is excited that the BASE has moved its headquarters to Clifford Park, here in Newmarket.  While we have focused over the past several months on advocacy for the Program and ensuring its successful transition here, we are particularly pleased to announce our NBA/BASE collaborative Urban Talent Pipeline that will not only connect BASE students and graduates with jobs at Newmarket businesses but will work with BASE graduates to insure that all those that want to work in Newmarket are able to find employment in Newmarket.


New England Center for Arts and Technology: The Newmarket Business Association supports NECAT, a growing non-profit organization that offers training, support and employment services to prepare adults to secure and retain career-ladder jobs in the growing food services industry.  Since 2013 the NBA has been active on the NECAT Board of Directors, and provides advocacy, funding and local support for all of NECAT’S programs.


Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins: As Sheriff of Suffolk County, Sheriff Tompkins has a well-established partnership with the Newmarket Business Association on many initiatives to enable the reentry of former convicts into the workforce. Our past collaborations with the Sheriff’s Department include providing practice job interviews to soon-to-be-released inmates and our more-recently established Memorandum of Understanding provides the basis for our newest project, attaining commitments from businesses to hire newly released individuals, providing mentoring for those individuals and ensuring their long-term employment success.


Fairmount Indigo Network and Fairmount Indigo Transit Coalition: For dozens of years, the Newmarket Business Association has been an active member of these groups, entrenched in the work to bring about transit equity through rapid transit to those communities along the Fairmount Indigo Train Corridor.  These communities are among the most under-employed, and economically challenged communities in Boston. Rapid transit along the Fairmount Line will lead to job and economic growth in these communities.


Growing Business: Newmarket Business Association partners with the United States Small Business Association, State of Massachusetts, City of Boston, and local funding organizations and financial institutions to encourage businesses to both locate and grow within the Newmarket area. These efforts include promoting incentives that will revitalize outdated, industrial buildings and require commitments to hire local employees.


Who Else Do We Partner With?

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