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BID Services

MOVING PEOPLE…. Faster, Safer and Easier

Creation of an immediate transit improvement in the form of a shuttle service, in addition to long term solutions to worsening traffic gridlock and lack of public transit availability.

  • Newmarket Shuttle Service
    • 24 hour shuttle service as necessary (planned 15 min. intervals) connecting all areas of Newmarket to Andrew Station (Red Line), Ruggles Station (Orange Line) and Newmarket Station (Fairmount Line)
    • Available to BID participants and their customers, employees and lessees
  • Traffic
    • Creation of a comprehensive independent traffic study of the area, including a management plan
    • Partnership with Boston Transportation Department to alter traffic patterns in order to achieve better district-wide traffic flow
  • Public Transit
    • Advocacy for rapid rail transit on the Fairmount/Indigo line
    • Advocacy for more efficient, on-time service from MBTA bus lines


24 hour private security to provide enhanced safety and security in the Newmarket BID area. This private security will not replace police presence or responsiveness in the area but will work to supplement the efforts of the local police. BID security will:

  • Provide rapid response to BID companies/property owners
  • Continuously patrol the Newmarket BID area and react and/or respond to illegal activity on private property
  • Work closely with the Boston Police Department to:
    • identify and arrest drug dealers and others exploiting the vulnerability of those at risk in the area
    • minimize open drug use in the BID area
  • District-wide Surveillance Camera Program
    • The BID will contract with a video surveillance company that will phase in the installation of cameras (integrated with BPD system) throughout the District. The goal of this program will be to “have eyes on all streets in the District” within 5 years.


Daily upkeep of the Newmarket streets and the increased aid of those at-risk in the Newmarket area.  This work will not decrease the level of City services but rather will supplement increased levels of these services (per MOU with the City).

  • Uniformed street ambassadors will provide:
    • Daily street/sidewalk cleaning (including sidewalk weed/trash removal, power washing, etc.)
    • Graffiti removal
    • Needle pick up
    • Snow Removal
    • Street outreach and collaboration with social service organizations and others to address issues of homelessness and substance abuse. This will decrease the levels of loitering & drug use and increase the access to services for those in need.
    • In addition, discussions are pending on potential sidewalk snow removal services.


  • The BID will further unite and serve the Newmarket community through
    • Individual advocacy
    • District-wide advocacy
    • Advocacy for government-funded infrastructure improvements
    • Hosting networking events and business roundtables
    • Connecting businesses to resources
    • Working to maintain a business-friendly environment
    • Development and maintenance of regular profiles of district economic and business health
  • The BID will promote businesses in Newmarket with
    • District-wide marketing and branding
    • Active solicitation of new businesses
    • Marketing materials to support property owners, brokers, leasing agents and businesses in their efforts to recruit and retain tenants, retailers, employees, customers, etc.
    • Development of new business properties


The primary goal of the BID is to provide advocacy and management to support the development goals of the District and maintain Newmarket as the jobs center of the city.

  • Provide a voice for district stakeholders on issues impacting the Newmarket area
  • Promote business activity and enhance property values
  • Improve and maintain infrastructure, safety, traffic, and all other day-to-day aspects of life in Newmarket