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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Strength in Numbers – Almost 200 of your neighbors have already benefited from their NBA membership.

Customer Base –  Their membership has given them access to a local customer base and vendor base.  (NBA members buy often from other members…we are a loyal group.)

Connections – Your business will be listed in the Newmarket Business Directory, which is published both in hard copy and electronically to our over 400 contact mailing list.  In addition to this vital business-to-business referral directory, you will also enjoy both a listing and a website link from the Newmarket Website (currently receiving over 1500 unique hits per month) to your own company website.

Political Support – Their membership has given them Association support for renovations, variances, etc. in the form of letters, phone calls, and visits to zoning boards, licensing offices, and the like.

Access to Government Leaders –  Their membership has enabled them to meet with and often discuss issues with many of our political leaders including Mayor Menino, State Senator Hart, & Congressman Steven Lynch.  (In addition, the Commissioners of City & State departments speak regularly at our monthly meetings.)

A Collective Voice –  Their membership has given them the ability to have a voice in the future development of the Newmarket area.  The NBA is frequently called upon to provide the business community position regarding a particular business or development project looking to locate in the area.  Our position reflects the opinions and concerns of our members.

Increased Area Safety –  Their membership has resulted in decreased crime levels in the Newmarket area.  The Association works closely with the local police departments to keep a tight rein on any potential problems.

Stay Informed With Newmarket News – Email edition – Frequent updates on important issues and events delivered right to your in-box.

Advertising and Promotional Opportunities – Direct your marketing to almost 400 local business leaders (and thousands of on-line clickers) by advertising on our website, sponsoring our events, or advertising in our semi-annual community newspaper.

Members-only invitations – breakfasts with leaders in government and business, seminars and workshops that provide vital business information hosted by leading experts and networking events with other members and potential customers.