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Officers & Directors

The leadership team of the Newmarket Business Association is comprised of five Officers, a Board, a Chair and an Advisory Council. These organization leaders provide a wide spectrum of expertise to the organization and ensure its activities are aligned with our objectives. Six committees have oversight responsibility for issues from safety in the Newmarket district to events for members.

Executive Director

Susan Sullivan – Executive Director of both Newmarket Community Partners, Inc. and the Newmarket Business Association. Sue is also President of STB Solutions, a full service consulting firm that provides operational and marketing/sales consulting services to private businesses and economic development assistance to cities and towns. In addition, she is member and past Chair of the Hingham Development Industrial Commission and is a Board Member of the New England Center for Arts & Technology (NECAT), the Orchard Garden Pilot School, and St. Paul Elementary School in Hingham, MA. For almost 30 years, Sue has been the constant voice in the City of Boston for job creation and enhanced quality of life for those in need through the growth and vibrancy of industrial businesses providing good jobs in close proximity to the neighborhoods that need those jobs.



Michael Rothschild – Principal of Abbott Realty, LLC, a Commercial Real Estate Investment company that owns and operates commercial and industrial investment properties in Greater Boston. Michael is also the Managing Partner of Rothschild Capital, LLC, a real estate investment firm that focuses on preferred equity positions in middle market (2-20M) commercial real estate syndications. In addition, he is a co-founder and Managing Director for MetroWest Precious Metals, LLC, a full service investment grade precious metals dealer offering trading, storage, and lending. Formerly through Abbott Rentals and Sales and now through Abbott Realty, Michael has a life-long and multi-generational attachment to the area with a passion for preserving and growing the Industrial base of the area.


Vice President

Brian Maloney – Owner and President of Middlesex Truck & Coach, Brian is, in many ways, the epitome of the typical Newmarket business owner. A graduate of Georgetown University with an MBA from Boston College, Brian took a hobby and turned it into a flourishing business. In 1986, Middlesex Truck was named the recipient of the prestigious Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award. In giving this award, the Chamber talked about Brian’s commitment to hiring employees from the surrounding neighborhood and his efforts to make the neighborhood a better place. Vice President of the Newmarket Business Association, Brian is also Chairman of the Contributions Committee, donating funds to assist many of the association’s local non-profit partners and has been an active supporter of the Samuel Mason Pilot School. Brian continues to work to make the neighborhood a better place and his commitment to the area is steadfast.



Valeda Britton, J.D. –  Serves as Executive Director of Community Relations for the Boston University Medical Campus. Also, she is Director of Community Relations for the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL). In this role, she develops, implements and oversees strategic outreach efforts to educate and inform community residents and others take holders about the Medical Campus with the goal of promoting dialogue, soliciting feedback and addressing community concerns and needs. Ms. Britton is a member of the Personnel Board for the town of Sharon and is a member of the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee.


Chairman of the Board

John Marston , Eastern Bank, Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking of Eastern Bank Boston and the   former President of Newmarket Business Association, John now serves as Chairman of the Board.  A graduate of Boston College with a degree in history and a strong accounting background, John’s principal expertise is working closely with closely held companies.  He has taken a keen interest in job creation/retention in low to moderate income communities, as evidenced by his involvement with several other community organizations where he also serves as a Board Chairman or member including New England Center for Children, Boston Local Development Corporation, the COMPASS School, SBANE (Smaller Business Association of New England), and City Year.  John has received numerous awards for his work including the Cheverus High School 2009 Magis Award for lifetime community service and the Boston Chamber of Neighborhood Commerce Small Business Advocate award.

Board of Directors

VALEDA BRITTON, B.U. School of Medicine
PATRICK CIBOTTI, Boston Body Works
STEVEN CONNOLLY JR., Steven Connolly Seafood Co.
BRENDA COLGAN, Waldo Brothers., Inc
JOHN CREMMEN, Dennenberg Realty Advisors
JAMES ENGLISH, Suffolk Construction Co.
MICHAEL FELDMAN, Feldman Surveyors
MARVIN GILMORE, Community Development Corp.
WILLIAM JACOBSON, Jacobson Floral Supply, Inc.
TED KATSIROUBAS, Katsiroubas Brothers
JOAN LIBBY, Cavalier Coach Trailways
SHEREE MARCIANTE, Victoria’s Diner
JOEL B. MILLER, Perishable Management Services
JEANNE RICHARDSON, Boston Water & Sewer
SARITIN RIZZUTO, Metro Credit Union
ALAN SAKS, Dorchester Tire Co.
JOHN SULLIVAN, Bilt-Rite Construction
CAROL TIENKEN, Greater Boston Food Bank


Advisory Council