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What Our Members Say

“We are grateful for Newmarket’s focus not only on strengthening the area’s important role in Boston commerce, but also on its commitment to working closely with other community organizations, like the Greater Boston Food Bank, to provide a better quality of life for those in need.”
Carol Tienken
Chief Operating Officer
Greater Boston Food Bank


“With 900 students, the needs are diverse and we don’t always have all the funds or resources we need for students. Newmarket has assisted us without question in their support of trips, the arts, fundraising and student rewards.”
Meghan Welch,
Director of Operations
Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School


“Brookline Ice Co. has been a member of Newmarket Boston for several years. In every instance where we reached out for assistance with the numerable issues with which we have had to deal, Sue Sullivan and the Association have stepped forward. They have been the source of direction, information, and education every step of the way. The Newmarket Association and its members are the reason we made the commitment to stay within the district. The Association has a board of committed, intelligent men and women who work tirelessly for the members. We encourage all within the district to join and be part of the Newmarket group if they are not already members.”
Alice Signore, Brookline Ice Co.


“A well run, well respected, and highly visible business organization in our great city, the Newmarket Business Association continues to be an important and potent voice for its member businesses and their employees. Sue Sullivan, the Executive Director, has an instinctive understanding of how to synchronize the needs of NBA members with the City of Boston’s policies, requirements, and restrictions unique to their industrial businesses.”
Marion Kaiser, Aquanor Marketing, Inc.


“Partnering with the Newmarket Business Association (NBA) has led to many valuable and long-lasting relationships in the business community. When called upon, the NBA has been more than willing to provide their support in a variety of ways to assist ReEnergy in achieving its business objectives in the community including working with the local neighborhood groups and elected officials. In summary, ‘Membership in the NBA is Priceless.’”
Richard Geisser, ReEnergy Holdings LLC