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The Newmarket Planning Study is Approved!

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) approved the PLAN: Newmarket at their most recent meeting on January 10th, the result of more than five years of hard work between the BPDA and Newmarket Business Improvement District. The plan will create a “Newmarket 21st Century Industrial District” that preserves the legacy of industrial innovation and promotes the emerging creative industries in the area.  Newmarket will serve as a key center of thriving industrial activity, employment for Boston residents, and destination for unique cultural experiences. 


Click to see the full plan – PLAN: Newmarket


The plan lays out a vision and the tools for Newmarket to serve as a key center of industrial activity and employment for Boston residents and an area primed to attract the industries of tomorrow. Overlapping the neighborhoods of Dorchester, Roxbury, South Boston, and the South End, the Newmarket industrial zone acts as an economic engine for the City of Boston, and this plan supports the enhancement of that role.


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